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In this modern world many of our products are personalised. We now also live in a society which is very conscious of the environment. Advances in technology and design have extended the limits of choice for everyone.

Vespa Electrica combines these aspects into a single product.

The Vespa brand originated as a cheap and practical method of transportation after World War Two.

Since then, Vespa’s unique design and technology is to be found throughout the world.

Thanks to advances in technology we are able to offer an ultra modern electric drive with the design beauty of the original 1960s and 1970s Vespas.

Our eco friendly product combines elegance, style, and driving comfort.

We source only the most original Vespa models from Italy and , using original Italian parts, restore them to their former glory.

Our eco friendly product is produced by replacing the original two stroke engine with a state of the art electric engine . The original fuel tank is replaced with a lithium -ion battery.

A top speed of 45 kilometres per hour provides a range of approximately 50 kilometres.

The Vespa models we currently offer for sale.
Our most popular models are those from the 1960.

Vespas with large or wide frames were installed with a 125cc or 150cc two-stroke engine.

The Vespa VNB(fitted with a round headlight) and the Vespa Sprint (fitted with a square headlight) were sold throughout Europe.

​​​​​​​The small framed Vespa was originally fitted with a 50cc two-stroke engine.

The Vespa V50 model was fitted with a round headlight and the Vespa Special was fitted with a square one.

Free door to door shipment
Because we use a European product, it is possible for us to deliver the Vespa you have assembled at your doorstep anywhere within Europe.

Because we have the Vespa’s on stock it is possible to start the customising directly. We can finish the Vespa within a month.

Vespa model selection

The smallframe Vespa V50

The smallframe Vespa Special

The largeframe Vespa VNB

The largeframe Vespa Sprint